Hi, I’m Kelii, nice to meet you.

I’m a chameleon, firstly I’m a musician, a songwriter, a singer, that’s the real me, my soul.  I wear some other hats too:  I’m a dreamer, I think big, I believe.  I’m a traveller, I have a gypsy heart, itchy feet.  I’m a student, I believe knowledge is power and I never want to stop learning, there is always more to discover.  I’m a teacher, I teach English language, I love the beauty of words, expression, and I love to feel I am helping people to learn.  I’m a cook, food is hugely important to me, it says so much about culture, it fuels relationships, it can be creative, it’s essential to life, I’m also an eater, of course.  I’m a writer, I need to put pen to paper, in poems, in songs, in stories, in letters, in blogs.  I’m a philosopher, I always ask ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’.  I’m a lover, my heart is huge, if you are special to me you’ll have a place in it always.

This blog is about my travel adventures with my boy Giz, without whom I am a shadow of what I could be.  He’s my silent partner.  Occasionally he speaks, when he does, it’s usually wise, or hilarious, or both.  He’s the yang to my yin. I’ll include some of his wise words sometimes.  We have no idea what we’re doing, in life or in this specific adventure, but we muddle through together somehow.

I hope you find something interesting here.


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